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Sustainable and flavorful pasta

Pasta is eaten in almost all parts of the world. It was back in the 12th century that the first reference to pasta in Italy has been made and has been a very popular choice of food ever since. It comes in many shapes and sizes, and approximately 16 million tons of pasta is eaten globally on a daily basis.

The Challenge

Pasta Libertina wanted to make a more sustainable pasta with a smaller footprint and by doing so moving towards a more circular food system. They have earlier tried to use the unprocessed spent grains but was not fully satisfied with nor the texture of the pasta nor the taste.  

They experimented with different types of Agrain Spent Grain flour, creating different and innovative applications for pasta amongst others Ravioli, Gyozas, and Ramen noodles. And the result on both texture and taste was very satisfying for Pasta Libertina.

The Solution

By replacing a percentage of durum wheat semolina with spent grain flours, Pasta Libertina increased the water content with 4 to 5% in the mixture, resulting in higher yield in the final amount of dough. Moreover, they also found out that adding spent grain flour does not affect the necessary elasticity for preparation of the pasta. The resulting dough is like whole wheat dough with all its nutritional values.


Pasta Libertina now have a more innovative pasta with a better “bite”. After substituting the whole wheat flour for Agrain Spent Grain Flour, the nutritional values as well as the texture improved.

The customers of Pasta Libertina have also responded positively to the new ingredient. A move towards the more healthy lines of
pasta from clients that were only ordering dishes made with white flour has been seen.

For every 1 kg of conventional wheat flour replaced with 1 kg of Agrain spent grain flour, 2 square meters of farmland is saved.

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Better texture when adding Agrain Spent Grain Flour

In the ravioli dough made with whole wheat flour, the bran was very noticeable, and it turned out coarse; with Agrain, the texture has improved incredibly, being much finer and more pleasant in the mouth. Now it's more homogeneous and elastic and doesn't have hard particles like it did with whole wheat.

Pasta Libertina