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Company & Team

We are here to fight the linear food system and make it circular


By upcycling we give spent grains a second chance and create valuable ingredients. We make them available for people and food companies all over the world.


We make it possible for you to create nutritious and delicious food. By using Agrain flour you elevate proteins, dietary fibre, aroma and colour of your products.

Agrain is a food-tech company based in Denmark, specialising in the upcycling of spent grain.

We process the spent grain into aromatic and versatile flour ingredients, perfectly fit for a wide range of food products. Rich in nutrition, aroma and authentic colours.

Founded in 2018, we are now one of the frontrunners in creating sophisticated upcycled food ingredients on an industrial scale. We are committed to innovation, product quality and sustainability and our food scientists take continuously part in several internal and external research projects to work on product development and processing enhancements.

Agrain works with a range of breweries to upcycle their spent grain and has developed a method to bring forward its nutrients, aromas, and colours, so you get the desired quality and unique ingredient characteristics for your food products.

The upcycling of spent grain has a huge potential. From the same original grain, we can now both produce the beer we all love, but also exciting new ingredients - without cultivating more land. Keeping valuable resources in the food chain will play a vital role in transforming the world’s food system to become more sustainable and make food more accessible for everyone. We are committed to be part of that transformation.


Aviaja Riemann-Andersen

CEO & Co-founder

Michael Forster


Jesper Clement

Head of Operations

Martin Thomsen



Kjell Redecker

Student Analyst


Marta Benedet

Key Account Manager

Selçuk Yildirim

Key Account Manager

Massimo Ciafré

Sales Coordinator

Research & Development

Moe Brandi

Senior Scientist

Anna Verlinde

Food Scientist


Karoline Lund Andersen

Quality Coordinator (currently on maternity leave)

Charlotte Petersson

Quality Coordinator

Lasse Jensen

Production Operator

Thomas Bogh Samsø Sørensen

Production Operator

Peter Tony Ammitzbøll Fager

Production Operator


Bente Hjortskov

Marketing Project Manager

Ema Kosova

Digital Marketing Student Assistant