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Zero Waste Chef: An adventure with Michelin-starred chefs cooking under the Zero Waste philosophy. In Copenhagen, Diego gets involved in projects that aim to change the food industry and meets Agrain.

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Financial Times

Agrain is featured in this article, where the Financial Times look inside the food’s new Silicon Valley - Copenhagen.

Meet the chefs and companies creating the food of the future.

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Jyllands Posten

Aviaja Riemann-Andersen, the CEO of Agrain, explains how she plans to make sustainable flour accessible to the public and to inspire others to undertake similar initiatives. (Article in Danish)

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Using spent grain flour has a huge potential to become the next major trend in baking. Read how you will achieve a bread with an unparalleled flavour with spent grain flour. (Article in Danish)

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Jesper Langskov, Product Manager at Agrain, discusses the importance of success stories in promoting the use of new innovative food products. (Article in Danish)

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Co-founder Aviaja Riemann-Andersen transitioned from her dream job in the cosmetics industry and took the leap into sustainable entrepreneurship. (Article in Danish)

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Aviaja Riemann-Andersen and Karin Beukel teamed up to combat food waste and emphasize the need for a circular approach to food production.(Article in Danish)

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Every year, 40 million tons of brewer's spent grain get discarded all over the world. Agrain aims to unleash its potential to create nutritious food while minimizing land use. (Article in German)

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