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Rye bread with upgraded taste

Rye bread has been an important part of the diet in Northern Europe for centuries, not least because of its nutritional value and shelf life. On average, between 10 – 15 kg of rye bread is eaten annually per person.

The Challenge

Initially, the first priority of Kohberg was to make a more sustainable rye bread with a smaller foot print on our planet while at the same time using new innovative and sustainable ingredients. During the development process they made very conscious choices since they wanted to make their customers focus on food waste and at the same time being able to offer them a rye bread with a lot of taste. So taste actually ended up being the most important factor.

The Solution

Kohberg started the development of wheat bread since it was easier to catch both aroma and color. Tests were done with toast bread. Firstly, they needed to learn how to bake with spent grain flour in order to find the right balance between the
ingredients. It was important that the dough was not too greasy since this could create problems in the production. It was also important that the crumb did not become too wet since this would have result in too soft crumb firmness.
Agrain 03 Spent Grain flour for the rye bread as the best fit due to taste and the color of the flour.


Kohberg wanted to inspire and show how bread can inspire to a more sustainable future within the food industry – making the right choice all the way from ingredients to packaging.

Kohberg uses flour from Danish farmers in order to reduce the CO2 outlet and by using Agrain Spent Grain flour they also help to reduce the land use since every time 1 kg of conventional wheat flour is replaced with 1 kg of Agrain Spent Grain flour, 2 m2 land use is saved.

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Exciting to work with a new ingredient

"It was an exciting and new raw material to work with for us. The fact that it was a recycled raw material that we then got value out of using again – it just made a little more sense. The fact that it is also a raw material that is sourced within the country's borders spoke directly to Kohberg's values."

Preben Helleberg Jensen, Product Developer